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Cameroon’s Safacam and rural communities are in constant arm wrestling

By Franck Foute
Posted on Thursday, 15 July 2021 19:20

Synaparcam’s Emmanuel Elong answered questions from the press about Safacam's disputed RSPO certification in Yaoundé on 1 July 2021 © VOA

For years, farmers in the Littoral region have been fighting for their rights and land against Safacam and its huge rubber and palm oil plantations.

Emmanuel Elong’s face is marked by years of struggle in the fight for his community’s rights. On 1 July, the president of the Synergie Nationale des Paysans et Riverains du Cameroun (Synaparcam) greeted journalists with a wry smile and calloused hands. On that same day, he travelled as part of a delegation to Yaoundé to denounce the RSPO certification that was granted to the Société Africaine Forestière et Agricole du Cameroun (Safacam) on 30 September 2020.