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Morocco: Chari, a new start-up that relies on tradition

By El Mehdi Berrada
Posted on Friday, 16 July 2021 11:51

Chari’s founders: Sophia Alj and Ismael Belkhayat. AmineChbani/Puresprit

In 18 months, Moroccan start-up Chari has succeeded in making its mark on the logistics and distribution landscape. The firm has developed a mobile application that allows local shops – which account for 80% of the country’s distribution – to order everything they need, at competitive prices and with the promise of free delivery in less than 24 hours.

Since January 2020, 15,000 users have registered on the application and used it at least once. In April this year, 5,000 of them used the app at least three times. In view of the company’s steadily improving results, its founders – Ismael Belkhayat and Sofia Alj – estimate that overall turnover will reach $25m by the end of 2021.