Nigeria: Super cop Abba Kyari’s bribery scandal shows deep rot in police, analysts say 

By Dele Yusuf

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Posted on August 3, 2021 14:49

Nigeria’s top police officer Abba Kyari has been trapped in a scandal after the US Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) indicted him in a fraud case against Nigerian Ramon Abbas aka Hushpuppi, the country’s most notorious scammer. This is not just the story of the deputy commissioner of police, but rather the story of the entire Nigeria Police Force that points to a deep rot in the security agency notorious for alleged bribery, corruption and impunity.

Around this time last year, hundreds of Nigerian lawmakers converged at the House of Representatives chamber in Abuja to honour Nigerian top police officer Abba Kyari for “exemplary performance”.

“This is not an award from the House alone but an award from the entire people of Nigeria” said Speaker Femi Gbajabiamila to the deputy commissioner of police – one of Nigeria’s most decorated police officer.

The awards are what lie only on one side of the Kyari coin, with a litany of controversies on the other side. The super cop, as he is popularly called, is back in the spotlight after a grand jury in the US indicted him in the case of money laundering, which Hushpuppi had pleaded guilty to.

Hushpuppi, the notorious ‘Billionaire Gucci Master’, was quoted by US court officials as saying that he bribed the 46-year-old officer to arrest and imprison a rival following their dispute over a $1.1m 

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