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Can Ramtane Lamamra bring back Algeria’s golden age of diplomacy?

By Farid Alilat
Posted on Tuesday, 31 August 2021 14:29

Ramtane Lamamra, 20 March 2019, in Berlin © Carsten Koall/ZUMA Press/ZUMA/REA

Ramtane Lamamra, Algeria’s new foreign affairs minister, is having to deal with several pressing issues, including the Sahara, the Libyan crisis, Mali’s instability and Israel’s newly acquired observer state status within the African Union. Algeria hopes that his experience and interpersonal skills will help ensure that its voice is heard on the continent.

Shortly before the fall of President Bouteflika, some had predicted that the career of diplomat Ramtane Lamamra would come to an inglorious end. However, he returned on 12 March 2019, during the middle of Hirak as minister of foreign affairs and deputy prime minister.

Lamamra’s mission was to organise the transitional period that would allow the country to emerge from the political crisis that had unfolded, following Bouteflika’s announcement that he intended to run for a fifth term.

A 43-year career