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What impact will the Maghreb-Europe gas pipeline have on Morocco?

By Christophe Le Bec
Posted on Monday, 13 September 2021 17:46

Sonatrach. Hydrocarbon exploitation in Algeria. Illustration image. JF Rollinger for JA

In bypassing Morocco to supply Spain, Algeria could severely impact the kingdom’s production of electricty. However, it may also cause a significant logistical and financial headache for Algiers, whereby Madrid may end up playing the role of arbitrator.

In the diplomatic conflict between Morocco and Algeria, the latter has decided to use gas as a weapon. On 26 August, following a meeting with ambassador Fernando Morán concerning gas exports to Spain, energy minister Mohamed Arkab affirmed Algeria’s intention to only use the Medgaz pipeline, which directly links the Beni Saf installations (110km west of Oran) to those of Almeria (southwestern tip of Andalusia).

A right of passage paid for in gas