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Nigeria: Adekunle Gold’s glittery metamorphosis

By Dami Ajayi

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Posted on September 24, 2021 16:41

E-n6DdDVgAEJ4cI © Adekunle Gold Twitter/@adekunleGOLD
Adekunle Gold Twitter/@adekunleGOLD

Adekunle Gold is a busy man. Busy to find, busy to contact, busy to reach and definitely busy to see. Adekunle Gold is touring across America and putting final touches to his fourth studio album when we finally caught up with him.

Although a release date is yet to be announced, two singles have already been unveiled this summer. The first one, the Lucky Daye-assisted duet Sinner, is a mid-tempo and hypnotic ballad alluding to biblical femme fatales and it is kickstarting parties.

The second one, High, which features high-hitter Davido, enjoys a quicker pace and energetic Amapiano drums. An obvious club favourite, its video raked in more than 2 million views on YouTube in its second week of release.

Last month, Gold’s third LP Afro Pop, Vol.1 celebrated one year since its release with over 228 million streams on Spotify alone.

Who would have imagined this staggering trajectory for the gangly and shy Gold, who was bewildered by the crowd’s encore at his first big performance at the now defunct concert Afropolitan Vibes a few years ago?

One person could have: the man who looks in the mirror and sees Adekunle Gold.

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