groundhog day

Nigeria: A police clampdown on #EndSARS protest shows nothing has changed, activists say

By Dele Yusuf

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Posted on October 20, 2021 16:10

When young protestors gathered to commemorate those who had died in the Lekki massacre one year ago and protest against police brutality, they found a security force uncompromising in its policing of the event.

The Nigeria police force warned youths against protesting police brutality in remembrance of those killed during a similar demonstration one year ago and in pursuit of justice for other victims of police abuse.

The protesters defied the police warnings and, as they organised a peaceful rally in Lagos and other states, were met with the use of force, arrest and tear gas. It is all a sad reminder about how much Nigeria is in dire need of police reforms, activists say.

The scenes across Nigeria during Wednesday’s #EndSARS protest against police brutality were very much similar to how the protests unfolded exactly one year ago. Only that this time, people added another demand to a litany of grievances: Justice for those killed during that October 2020 protest and a much-needed end to police brutality.

It did not take long before protesters realised that the journey to accountable policing

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