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China – Africa: Will the new Covid-19 wave affect trade with the continent?

Eric Olander
By Eric Olander

Managing Editor, The China Africa Project

Posted on Wednesday, 3 November 2021 11:20

Lines of trucks are seen at a container terminal of Ningbo Zhoushan port in Zhejiang province, China, August 15, 2021. Picture taken August 15, 2021. cnsphoto via REUTERS

There's growing concern among African traders that the new clusters of Covid-19 infections being reported in at least 11 Chinese provinces could lead to major disruptions.

While global trade experiences unprecedented disruptions of major supply chain networks, that turbulence does not appear to have had much effect on the volume of Chinese trade with African countries, at least so far.

Chinese customs authorities announced last week that two-way trade for the first eight months of the year totalled $162.7bn, 40% higher than the same time last year. At this pace, bilateral trade between China and African countries is on track to easily exceed the $187bn the two regions did in 2020.