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‘Libya is an easy country to reform,’ says businessman Mohamed Raied

By Mathieu Galtier
Posted on Thursday, 11 November 2021 10:06

Mohamed Raied, Al-Naseem’s CEO, is Libya's largest private employer and one of the country's wealthiest individuals. DR

Libyan businessman Mohamed Raied, one of the country’s wealthiest people and a member of parliament, has proposed a series of shocking reforms aimed at reviving the economy. These include taxes and subsidies, as well as dividing the territory into 'wilayas', as inspired by the Algerian and Tunisian models.

The businessman from Misrata, a Libyan city located 200km east of the capital Tripoli, has an almost 80% market share in the dairy sector with his company Al-Naseem. This makes Mohamed Raied Libya’s largest private employer – with nearly 1,600 employees – and one of the country’s biggest fortunes.