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Morocco: Maroc Telecom losing ground to market challengers Inwi and Orange

By Quentin Velluet
Posted on Friday, 12 November 2021 17:19

Chief Executive Officer of Maroc Telecom at his office in Rabat, 31 march 2017. © Vincent Fournier/JA

Morocco’s leading telecoms player has seen its customer base diminish following a series of regulatory decisions reached since 2020. However, the changed landscape is creating new opportunities for Inwi and Orange, with both companies making gains across the board.

Abdeslam Ahizoune has been at the helm of Maroc Telecom Group since 2001, and in February 2021, his term as chairman of the management board was extended to 1 March 2023. Over the last two years of his tenure, however, the legacy operator has lost a bit of ground. Inwi and Orange, long portrayed as competitors hampered by Maroc Telecom’s dominant position, appear to be picking up market share in Morocco.

‘Competitive and regulatory environment’ to blame