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Nigeria – Saudi Arabia: Nigerian healthtech Helium eyes Riyadh

By David Whitehouse

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Posted on November 17, 2021 17:23

heliumhealth © Photo supplied.
Photo supplied.

Nigerian healthtech Helium Health plans to expand into Saudi Arabia to tap the market for digital hospital management, CEO Adegoke Olubusi tells The Africa Report.

The company will be going though Saudi regulatory procedures in coming months and aims to enter the country in the latter part of 2022, Olubusi says in Lagos.

Many healthcare facilities in Saudi Arabia are still completely paper based, which increases retrieval time and mean less time is spent on patient care, Olubusi says. A Saudi regulatory push where compliance has to be carried out by digital means, especially for insurance, is making paper records harder to sustain, he says. Establishing a physical presence in Saudi Arabia will be “critical” for Helium, he adds.

The Covid-19 pandemic has stimulated investment in African health-tech start-ups, which reached $103m in 2020, almost four times the 2019 level, according to Control Risks and Oxford Economics Africa. Helium this month bought Meddy, a doctor-booking platform operating in Qatar and the United Arab Emirates (UAE), in what the

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