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Renergen helium reserves can bolster South Africa’s energy transition, says CEO

By Ray Mwareya, Nyasha Bhobo
Posted on Thursday, 25 November 2021 17:41

Stefano Marani, CEO of Renergen. REUTERS/Sumaya Hisham

A major increase in estimated helium and methane reserves held by Renergen in South Africa sent the shares soaring in Johannesburg and Australia at the start of this month.

First-phase helium reserves have increased by 620% to 7.2 billion cubic feet(bcf), while first-phase methane reserves jumped by 427%. The maximum prospective reserves of the helium are 350bcf, which exceeds the reserves of the whole US, Renergen CEO Stefano Marani tells The Africa Report. It’s not possible for Renergen to extract all of it, or for the market to absorb the whole quantity, he adds.

Renergen site (sourced by Renergen)