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Bolloré, MSC and the shake-up of maritime logistics in Africa

By Olivier Caslin
Posted on Monday, 3 January 2022 07:27

Arrival of Vincent Bolloré (France) in Dosso, Niger for the national festival. © Vincent Fournier/JA

The negotiations for the purchase of Bolloré Africa Logistics comes at a time when the cards in logistics - from the seas to port infrastructures - have been shuffled by the Covid-19 crisis. The change has been accelerated by the significant capital gains made by the giants in the sector. It is up to Africa to take advantage of this.

For two years now, global shipping has been navigating waters troubled by the outbreak of Covid-19. In face of the pandemic, operators had to quickly review their plans and keep a mindful eye on their compasses to stay on course, avoid sinking, and now, to avoid overheating the engine room. Far from having subsided, the Covid-19 storm continues to disrupt the smooth running of world trade and is putting ever greater strain on supply chains.