Gabon’s UN ambassador hopes Russia may return to resolution linking climate change to terrorism

By Julian Pecquet

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Posted on January 11, 2022 17:31

gabon 2 © Gabon’s UN envoy Michel Xavier Biang
Gabon’s UN envoy Michel Xavier Biang

In a wide-ranging interview with The Africa Report, Gabon’s United Nations (UN) envoy Michel Xavier Biang lays out his country’s priorities as it begins its two-year stint as one of two African states joining the UN Security Council (UNSC) this month.

TAR: This is Gabon’s fourth time on the Security Council. What are your priorities this time around?

Michel Xavier Biang: We come to the UNSC with a regional mandate for Africa, as our candidacy was endorsed by the African Union (AU). So, our priority is to echo the narrative of the AU in terms of peace and security.

On this issue, it’s important to highlight that the AU has a well-known road map, entitled Silencing the Guns. This vast programme combines a holistic approach to peacemaking, from early warnings to prevention and peacekeeping. It encompasses addressing the root causes of conflict, including development and climate change.

Beyond the African mandate, we have national priorities leading our commitment and permanent plea for peace and security. Among them, we are convinced that climate change is tightly linked to insecurity, as it’s the main source of food insecurity, as a

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