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Mali: Is Guinea’s Doumbouya taking a risk to support Goïta?

By Diawo Barry
Posted on Thursday, 13 January 2022 10:04

Mamady Doumbouya after a meeting with the Ecowas delegation in Conakry, 10 September 2021. © Sunday Alamba/AP/SIPA

Guinea's Mamadi Doumbouya has decided not to respect the sanctions that Ecowas has put in place against Mali, as it is keeping its borders with its neighbour open. Is this a gesture of solidarity between putschists or is Conakry taking a gamble?

“Guinea and Mali are two lungs of the same body.” This expression, which underlines the two neighbours’ geographical proximity and dates back to the reins of Sékou Touré and Modibo Keita, perfectly describes Conakry’s current situation. Even the national television station, RTG, published an editorial about the shared history of the two countries, which once belonged to Soundiata Keïta’s Mandingo empire.