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Kenya: What’s next for William Ruto as he hits polling plateau?

By Son Gatitu

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Posted on January 20, 2022 08:31

Kenyan presidential candidate William Ruto kicks off his campaign, in Nairobi
Kenya’s Deputy President and presidential candidate under United Democratic Alliance (UDA) party William Ruto addresses a campaign rally ahead of the forthcoming elections in Karen neighbourhood of Nairobi, Kenya January 18, 2022. REUTERS/Baz Ratner

Recent polling suggests that Kenya’s Deputy President William Ruto has reached the ceiling of his popularity. Will he be able to find the right partners and tactics to beat the challenge posed by Raila Odinga, who is quickly catching up?

Ruto’s presidential bid garnered momentum in 2021 following the unveiling of the United Democratic Alliance (UDA).

However, Ruto faces several hurdles that could make or break his historical run, a defining moment for Kenyan politics.

On the road with William Ruto

In 2021, Ruto traversed the country popularising the UDA, which made him the most discussed politician in Kenya. A poll by TIFA Research in November 2021 showed that Ruto was the most preferred presidential candidate at 38% followed by Raila Odinga at 23%.

According to the poll, Raila’s rating jumped from 8% in June, while Ruto’s largely remained the same. Ruto’s popularity seemed to have reached a plateau, provoking a review of strategy.

He began to castigate Raila, painting him as a master of electoral disputes. “These are your last days. You [Raila] committed treason in swearing yourself in and now you pretend you can

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