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Panama Papers: Sons of two top Ghanaian leaders named

By Dasmani Laary
Posted on Monday, 4 April 2016 16:32

The documents, leaked from one of the world’s most secretive firms – Mossack Fonseca, show how the company helped clients launder money, dodge sanctions and evade taxes.

The documents also link 72 current and former heads or States to the firm’s operations.

Kufuor’s eldest son, John Addo’s offshore company, according to the reports, allegedly controlled a $75,000 bank account for the former first lady, Theresa Kufuor.

According to the leaks, “In early 2001, shortly after the start of his father’s first term, Kufuor appointed Mossack Fonseca to manage the Excel 2000 Trust. Later that year it controlled a bank account in Panama worth $75,000. His mother – Theresa Kufuor, former Ghana first lady, was also a beneficiary”.

Kofi Annan’s son, Kojo reportedly used an offshore company to buy a $500,000 London apartment. The files state that the Swiss company, Cotecna hired Kojo in 1995 for work in Nigeria.

By early 1998, the report said, he had quit to become a consultant to Cotecna. Months later, the UN awarded the firm a contract as part of oil-for-food humanitarian programme in Iraq prompting allegations of impropriety.

An independent panel of investigated the programme, including Annan, and issued a report that found no evidence that he tried influence or to use family connections to benefit from the programme.

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