Russia – Ukraine: War sees many Africans left stranded, with no aid

By Jaysim Hanspal

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Posted on March 1, 2022 17:35

Russian invasion of Ukraine continues
Foreign nationals fleeing Russia’s invasion of Ukraine wait at the Shehyni border crossing to enter Poland, near Mostyska, Ukraine March 1, 2022. REUTERS/Thomas Peter

The Ukrainian war has seen many of its citizens flee abroad, but many African immigrants in Ukraine are reportedly being barred from leaving.

Updated 03 March at 5:51pm (paris)

Videos posted to Twitter show distressed Africans being barred from entering trains which are currently one of the only safe methods of transportation out of Ukraine.

The Russian invasion has led to widespread terror as millions try to flee violence while Ukraine’s major cities struggle to maintain resistance.

On 26 February, Polish citizens Jan and Anna (real names changed for security reasons), were returning to Poland from Lviv in Western Ukraine, as part of a volunteer group. Speaking to The Africa Report from Poland, Anna says: “The situation at the border was very bad. Thousands of people were standing at the [train] doors and trying to get to the country.”

© Train from Lviv, Ukraine heading to Poland. (Photo credit: Anna and Jan)

According to the couple, women, children, and African students are separated into groups to board the train.

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