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Russia: Who’s who in President Vladimir Putin’s Africa Team?

By Mathieu Olivier

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Posted on March 28, 2022 08:30


Although the war in Ukraine has drawn the wrath of the West, Russia’s President Vladimir Putin has a different image on the continent. The Kremlin’s African diplomacy is crafted by various communication experts, securocrats and oligarchs.

At the head of Russia since 31 December 1999 – including a three-year interlude as prime minister – Vladimir Putin has made Africa one of the pillars of the Kremlin’s international strategy in recent years. By playing on anti-Western rhetoric, the President has managed to resurrect Soviet imperialist ambitions and undermine the former colonial powers, notably France, on the continent.

From media propaganda and diplomatic relations, to arms deliveries and hydrocarbons, Moscow’s strong man has gathered people from all walks of life who are loyal to him to plan his African conquest. We take you into the Russian world of nationalist ideologues, arms dealers and wealthy oligarchs who gravitate around Putin.

Russia’s foreign affairs minister Sergei Lavrov represents Putin on the international stage. Trained at the Moscow State Institute of International Relations, this diplomat worked for a

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