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DRC: Peace dawning between Joseph Kabila and Moïse Katumbi?

By Jeune Afrique
Posted on Monday, 28 October 2019 22:35

A rapprochement is on the cards between Kabila and a former friend turned political opponent.

The relatives of former President Joseph Kabila and Moïse Katumbi, one of his main opponents, expressed their support for a possible reconciliation between the two men.

Members of the “Katangese clan” are trying to reconcile Joseph Kabila, the former president, with Moïse Katumbi, one of his most vocal opponents, who returned home in May.

The two men, who were very close, are from this former province.

PPRD initiative

According to our sources, this initiative comes from the barons of the PPRD, Kabila’s party, of which Katumbi was a member until his resignation in September 2015.

Among them, Jean Mbuyu, former Kabila’s special security adviser, and Célestin Mbuyu, who was Governor of Haut-Lomami.

The latter consulted some of Kabila’s and Katumbi’s relatives, who all expressed their support for the idea.

Preliminary contacts were then established in complete confidentiality.

This article first appeared in Jeune Afrique

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