DRC: Chinese ambassador pays visit to opposition leader Moïse Katumbi

By Eric Olander
Posted on Monday, 18 April 2022 09:06

China’s ambassador to the Democratic Republic of the Congo, Zhu Jing, made a high-profile visit over the weekend of April 10 to one of the country’s most important power brokers in the heart of the cobalt mining zone in the southern mining belt in Katanga province.

Zhu paid a visit on Saturday to the sprawling estate of Moïse Katumbi, former governor of Katanga province who is also one of the country’s wealthiest businessmen and leader of the opposition party “Ensemble pour la Republique” (Together for the Republic).

The fact that both men allowed a camera crew to tag along as they toured Katumbi’s farm and his various business ventures while notably ending the day at the headquarters for Ensemble provides an important clue that they were eager to use the visit as an opportunity to convey messages to key stakeholders in Kinshasa and even as far away as Washington, D.C.