Dope Saint Jude: ‘I am not coloured, I am Black’

By Eva Sauphie
Posted on Friday, 6 May 2022 10:27

Dope St Jude
Dope Saint-Jude ©Lou Rolley

With the release of the EP Higher Self, the South African rapper continues to play with labels. Her self-imposed exile in London has allowed her to take a step back from the racial divisions that still mark her country.

Never where you’d expect her to be, Catherine Saint Jude Pretorius, as she was christened, strolls into her Parisian hotel, her long dreadlocks running down her overalls. Born in Cape Town in a “coloured” community (mixed-race populations, neither white nor Black), this pastor’s daughter, bottle-fed on religious songs, soon freed herself from the church, starting her career as a drag king before she burst onto the independent hip-hop scene.