Libya: Fathi Bashagha’s communication blunder with ‘The Times’ article

By Sarah Vernhes
Posted on Tuesday, 10 May 2022 13:14

Libya’s prime minister Fathi Bashagha in Tunis, 30 March 2022. © JIHED ABIDELLAOUI/REUTERS

Abdulhamid Dabaiba's rival Fathi Bashagha - who remains Libya’s prime minister in the eyes of the international community - published an article in "The Times" in which he attacked Russia and then backtracked.

Is Fathi Bashagha’s op-ed in The Times fake news? “Libya wants to stand with Britain against Russian aggression,” he wrote in his diatribe against Russia, which was published on the British newspaper’s website on 3 May. The Tobruk parliament’s prime minister did not hold back his insults toward Vladimir Putin.

Drawing parallels between Ukraine and Libya, he condemned President Putin for his involvement in bringing “thousands of Wagner mercenaries […] into [his] country, leaving a wake of destruction”.