Cameroon: Ambazonians and the kidnapping business

By Georges Dougueli
Posted on Wednesday, 11 May 2022 10:30

A still image taken from a video shot on October 1, 2017, shows protesters waving Ambazonian flags as they walk along a street in the English-speaking city of Bamenda, Cameroon. REUTERS/via Reuters TV

Extortion, kidnapping, ransom... How secessionist movements finance themselves through predation.

The voice is hesitant and the English is a bit laboured. “I, Regina Mundi, Ambazonian by birth and nationality, speak today, 30 April 2022 […]. I ask everyone to join the struggle to drive the Republic [of Cameroon] out of Ambazonia”.

Kidnapped that same day in Bamenda, in the northwest province, the senator obviously did not write the text she is reading before her captors. Filmed by the Ambazonian Defence Forces (ADF), Mundi is a member of the upper house of parliament and wears the colours of the Cameroon People’s Democratic Movement (CPDM, French acronym RDPC), the ruling party.

Threats of execution