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Nigeria 2023: Money was key for Atiku; Tinubu may not have it that easy

By Kayode Aluko

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Posted on June 2, 2022 16:47

Nigeria’s main opposition party elected its candidate in next year’s presidential election in a convention many believed was a game of financial power and influence. With the ruling party’s convention up next, dynamics beyond money and influence will play a big role in who becomes the presidential candidate of the All Progressives Congress (APC). And that could hurt the chances of frontrunner Bola Tinubu.

On Tuesday, as Nigeria’s ruling party the All Progressives Congress screened aspirants seeking the party’s ticket for the 2023 presidential election, President Muhammadu Buhari broke his silence on how he wanted the party’s candidate to emerge during a meeting with APC governors.

Buhari appealed to the governors, urging them “to allow our interests to converge, our focus to remain on the changing dynamics of our environment, the expectations of our citizens and the global community.”

By “changing dynamics,” one of Buhari’s aides says the president was referring to how the game for who succeeds him is gradually shifting base to the north and how the APC must show it is popular enough to win even before the ballot.

“You saw what happened with the PDP (the Peoples Democratic Party which elected former vice-president Atiku Abubakar) as its presidential candidate. Now, obviously, APC wants

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