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Senegal: Turkish multinational Summa is building a reputation

By Théo du Couëdic

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Posted on June 6, 2022 08:57

 The Dakar Arena in Diamnadio. © Youri Lenquette for JA
The Dakar Arena in Diamnadio. © Youri Lenquette for JA

The Turkish company Summa has built large-scale projects in Diamniadio, including the International Conference Centre, Dakar Arena and Abdoulaye-Wade Stadium. Its quick turnaround times are making it increasingly well-known beyond the country’s borders.

It is hard to miss their buildings when driving on the motorway that links Dakar to Blaise-Diagne International Airport. In less than ten years, the Turkish company Summa has built an international conference centre (Abdou Diouf), a luxury hotel (the Radisson), a sports centre (Dakar Arena), an exhibition centre and, most recently, a football stadium (Abdoulaye-Wade) to international standards that echoes the colours of the Senegalese flag at nightfall in the new town of Diamniadio. Each of these sites was built within 15 months.

Constructing ambitious infrastructure in record time is a trademark of Summa which, since 2010, has expanded on the continent in Equatorial Guinea, Niger, Congo-Brazzaville, Rwanda and Benin. But the multinational headed by CEO Selim Bora – active in the construction, energy, mining, hotel, real estate and health sectors – is currently concentrating its efforts

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