Cameroon: The astonishing Émile Parfait Simb, fallen king of cryptocurrency

By Franck Foute
Posted on Friday, 17 June 2022 13:29

Emile Parfait Simb © Emile Parfait Simb's Facebook account

Successful entrepreneur for some, swindler for others...Émile Parfait Simb presents himself as an economic operator who made his fortune in cryptocurrencies and is now the subject of several judicial investigations. A look back at the path of a controversial character.

It is a sunny morning in April 2021. A Beechcraft B200 jet from Douala enters the Central African sky. The aircraft is carrying eight men, all dressed in tailored dark suits. On board, the passengers enjoy a festive atmosphere with flowing champagne. One man in particular is savouring the moment: Émile Parfait Simb.