DRC: Kamoa-Kakula copper complex set to become world’s third-largest copper mine by 2024

By Muriel Devey Malu-Malu
Posted on Friday, 15 July 2022 11:06

Aerial view of the Kamoa 1 and 2 site, 25km from Kolwezi, in Lualaba © DR

One year after its unveiling, Kamco's mining project near Kolwezi is exceeding expectations. Furthermore, if its development continues to go well, it will become the world’s third largest copper production complex by 2024.

The Kamoa-Kakula concession, which includes the three Kamoa Copper (Kamco) mining licences, is huge. It covers 400km2, 25km west of Kolwezi, in Lualaba (South). Is it a lunar landscape? No, because the mining sites are separated from each other by shrubby savannahs that colour the horizon green.