Jihadism in the Sahel: The unstoppable spread towards the Gulf of Guinea

By Marie Toulemonde
Posted on Tuesday, 26 July 2022 11:38, updated on Wednesday, 27 July 2022 14:29


After Mali and Burkina Faso, jihadists have been trying to expand their operating area for several months. As a result, Côte d'Ivoire, Benin and Togo are now facing more and more regular incursions.

The sun had barely risen on 26 June when the Beninese police station in Dassari was attacked by armed men. Two police officers were killed, and another was seriously injured. Located 20km from the border with Burkina Faso on the edge of the Pendjari National Park, the commune was not the target of an isolated act.

Since 2022, more than 20 terrorist attacks have been recorded in Benin. 10 days earlier, 30km away, jihadists had struck in Togo, in the Savannah region where the armed forces repelled a similar assault, just one month after the first deadly jihadist attack in the country, in which 8 soldiers were killed.