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Morocco is forcibly transitioning to electric vehicles

By Bilal Mousjid

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Posted on August 29, 2022 07:48

 Opel Rocks E. © Stellantis
Opel Rocks E. © Stellantis

Morocco is taking part in an increasing number of projects so that it can take advantage of the boom in “ecological” cars in Europe, its main market.

Although local sales of electric vehicles have increased significantly, the overall situation remains negligible due to a lack of infrastructure and incentives from the Moroccan authorities.

At a time when the global automotive industry is in the process of transitioning to electric vehicles, Morocco is already trying to position itself as a future regional hub.

“Morocco has a total production capacity of 700,000 cars, some of which are designed to make the transition to electric cars fairly easily,” Ryad Mezzour, the minister of industry and trade, told us.

This shift is all the more necessary as Europe, to which the country exports 90% of its vehicles, adopted new legislation last year to end the sale of new thermal cars from 2035.

“It is a great challenge for the Moroccan automobile industry, but we have fairly long visibility until this deadline,” says Mohamed Ouzif, an automobile

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