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Guinea: Alpha Condé, one year on – the last secrets of an exile

By François Soudan

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Posted on September 2, 2022 10:03

Overthrown on 5 September 2021, installed in Istanbul since 21 May, the former Guinean head of state has used the past year to indulge in introspection. A new pastime for him.

Installed in Istanbul since 21 May, first in a suite of the Conrad Hilton, then in a villa set aside for his disposal by Turkish friends with the blessing of President Erdogan, who placed him under discreet police protection, Alpha Condé is in exactly the same frame of mind as the day of his fall.

Mr President, this is not good. That is why we [carried out] the coup.

What do you mean, it’s not going well?

Mr Professor, if we leave immediately, the population will support us. Nobody will hurt you because you have been dignified, but you have to accept that you are no longer the president of this country.

I want to address my people. It is the people who elected me!

And if [these] very people suffer[..]?

Are the people not also suffering in Senegal and Côte d’Ivoire?

Yes, but not in the same conditions as us.

Do you know where this country was when I arrived? Do you know the effort I made

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