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Libya-Lebanon: Hannibal Gaddafi ends his silence

By Jihâd Gillon

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Posted on September 2, 2022 13:40

 Hannibal Gaddafi in Copenhagen, Denmark, 16 February 2005. © NTB SCANPIX/SIPA
Hannibal Gaddafi in Copenhagen, Denmark, 16 February 2005. © NTB SCANPIX/SIPA

Detained in Lebanon since 2015, Muammar Gaddafi’s fourth son Hannibal Gaddafi has ended his silence. His release continues to be negotiated behind the scenes.

“How could a two-year-old child know Musa Sadr’s whereabouts?” This was one of the questions that the younger Gaddafi asked in a letter relayed by the Saudi channel Al Hadath on 25 August.

As southern Lebanon prepares for the ceremonies commemorating the Lebanese Shiite Imam’s disappearance on 31 August 1978, some observers believe that these statements have been broadcasted because Hannibal will soon be released.

He has been detained in Lebanon since 2015. A refugee in Syria after his father’s death, he says he was abducted there by members of the Lebanese Yacoub family. The Shiite dignitary Mohammed Yacoub disappeared in the same circumstances as Moussa Sadr, whom he had accompanied to Libya in 1978. His son, Hassan Yacoub, was accused in 2016 by the Lebanese judiciary of having taken part in Hannibal’s kidnapping in Syria. The latter was indicted on 14 December 2015 for concealing

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