Ethiopian Airlines’ CEO Mesfin Tasew on roadmap of company

By Nelly Fualdes
Posted on Wednesday, 7 September 2022 13:03

Mesfin Tasew Bekele, CEO of Ethiopian Airlines. ©Ethiopian Airlines

Recapitalisation, diversification, alliances, competition... Six months after taking office, the new CEO of Africa's largest airline talks to us about his roadmap and offers his initial status report.

With Ethiopian Airlines’ 2021-2022 financial year closed on 30 June, its CEO Mesfin Tasew, who wanted to see this accounting year completed before granting his first interview to the press, offered to share a few figures for the continent’s largest airline as well as its roadmap, a little more than five months after taking office.

Boasting turnover of some $5bn, “which is 8% more than what we expected and 26% more than the pre-Covid level”, Ethiopian Airlines has had “a good year”, according to its chief executive officer.