Cameroon: Hayssam el Jammal, a crown of hardened steel

By Omer Mbadi
Posted on Friday, 16 September 2022 11:55

REUTERS/Yusuf Ahmad

Founder of the Prometal group, this Franco-Lebanese industrialist has established himself in the local steel and metallurgy sector over the last decade and is spreading the “made in Cameroon” concept across Central Africa. His next target: the whole continent.

The morning we meet, 13 June, his smile emerges from a face adorned with a salt-and-pepper beard and a helmet. The fluorescent green vest hides the reason we have come together: Cameroonian Minister of Mines and Industry Gabriel Dodo Ndoke has just pinned the National Order of Valour medal on Hayssam el Jammal.

An “exceptional” distinction was awarded by President Paul Biya in recognition of the entrepreneur’s contribution to the industrialisation of Cameroon. “It is an invitation to work harder and to do better every day, thanks in particular to the incentive framework for investment put in place by the Cameroonian authorities and the import-substitution policy implemented by the government,” Jammal says.