BB Energy, Solarcentury aim to trade power on Southern African Power Pool end 2023

By David Whitehouse
Posted on Wednesday, 21 September 2022 06:00

(AP Photo/Stephen Wandera)

Global trading group BB Energy and its Solarcentury Africa unit aim to be trading solar-generated power on the Southern African Power Pool (SAPP) around the end of 2023, executives tell The Africa Report.

Solarcentury is developing solar projects in Botswana and Namibia, either of which would meet the threshold needed to gain access to SAPP as a market participant, says Jason De Carteret, head of Solarcentury Africa. The aim is to commission at least one of these projects by the end of 2023, and de Carteret hopes that SAPP trading access would follow immediately.

SAPP membership is made up mainly of national power utilities from the 12 countries in the Southern African Development Community (SADC) region. Membership was extended to market participants in 2021, but trading has been dominated by utilities and overall volumes have been limited, de Carteret says.