Insurance: How AXA Africa is playing the Asia card

By Aurélie M'Bida
Posted on Thursday, 22 September 2022 11:41

AXA insurance headquarters, Gabon. ©Tiphaine Saint-Criq for Jeune Afrique

In less than two years, the global giant’s African entity has been able to develop a strategy aimed at taking advantage of the manna represented by Asian investments in the continent's infrastructure, its knowledge of the Chinese market and the reorganisation of its international activities.

A seasoned insurer within AXA Africa was entrusted with the task of “building the foundations of ‘bridges between Asia and Africa’”. Philippe Rocard, the former CEO of the French insurance giant’s Moroccan and sub-Saharan African subsidiaries (Senegal, Ivory Coast, Gabon, Cameroon), was for nearly two years on the lookout for Asian financing opportunities for infrastructure projects, one of the main missions that were assigned to him as head of the “large corporate risks” sector developed with Hassan El-Shabrawishi, AXA’s Africa CEO.