COP27: A lot of noise for nothing?

Damien Glez
By Damien Glez

A French/Burkinabé artist and editorialist.

Posted on Tuesday, 22 November 2022 12:45

Image by Damien Glez

The world climate conference ended on Sunday with a historic agreement on aid to poor countries and a stalemate in the fight against global warming. Should Africa be rejoicing after the high-level meeting in Sharm El-Sheikh?

Environmentalists – even the least radical – had been sceptical about the 27th World Climate Summit, with previous conferences having been over-mediatised as they were underwhelming in terms of concrete effects. This time, however, the most proactive among them had promised the world inevitable decisions at this meeting, which was described as the “last chance” before the irreparable.

They had specifically reassured Africans that the meeting’s location in Egypt would guarantee that particular effects of climate degradation on our planet’s southern regions would be taken into account…

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