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US ‘offering to support’ AU’s efforts to stabilise Libya, says Richard Norland

By Sherif Tarek

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Posted on December 12, 2022 08:39

 © The US Ambassador to Libya Richard Norland. REUTERS
The US Ambassador to Libya Richard Norland. REUTERS

The US is “offering to support” the African Union’s (AU) efforts to stabilise Libya as it can be instrumental in accelerating the country’s long-sought transition to democracy, US ambassador to Libya Richard Norland tells The Africa Report ahead of the US-Africa Leaders Summit, which runs from 13 to 15 December.

The US special envoy sees the Government of National Unity (GNU) lifting the force majeure on oil and gas explorations early this month as “a good sign”. However, Norland says Libya can only realise the full potential of its energy sector once it ends its protracted political stalemate.

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