China in Ethiopia: A new flow of investments?

By Robert Bociaga
Posted on Wednesday, 18 January 2023 13:25

Chinese Foreign Minister Qin Gang walking with Ethiopia's PM Abiy Ahmed during their bilateral meeting at the Prime Minister's office on 10 January 2023. (Photo by ETHIOPIA PRIME MINISTER OFFICE / AFP)

In an effort to embrace the post-Covid era, China is progressively opening up to the rest of the globe. Economic recovery is crucial, and while the US and Europe are showing a lot of rekindled interest, China wants to stake out the alliance and assure African nations, such as Ethiopia, that it intends to stay there and expand on what it has already begun. 

While Ethiopia is yet to announce the promised list of investment opportunities, its Minister of Finance, Ahmed Shide, is once again urging ambassadors to work on the matter of inviting foreign capital holders.