Nigeria 2023: Can Peter Obi get the vote spread required for victory? 

By Eniola Akinkuotu

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Posted on January 16, 2023 12:51

Peter Obi on 9 January 2023
Peter Obi on 9 January 2023 (photo: @PeterObi)

His popularity continues to soar by the day. From the marketplace in southeast Nigeria to the Internally Displaced Persons camps of the Christian-dominated Benue State in the north-central, chants of Obi! Obi! Continue to get louder as the election nears. But can he get the needed plurality of votes needed for victory? 

Inspired by the mammoth crowd that attended his rally in Enugu State, southeast Nigeria, Peter Obi who is the candidate of the Labour Party in next month’s election, enthused: “We are one step closer to victory.” 

After leaving the venue, he headed for the University of Nigeria Nsukka, his alma mater, where his presence grounded academic activities as excited students all struggled to take pictures with him. His message was the same: “Get your voter cards and vote for me.” 

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