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“Development is about human capital” – Fred Swaniker

By Nicholas Norbrook
Posted on Friday, 15 May 2020 18:41

Imagining the post Covid-19 Africa is no luxury. It is urgent.

Fred Swaniker, the Ghanaian co-creator and Chairman of the African Leadership Group is well known for not just complaining about the lack of leadership in Africa, but actually doing something about it.

“Development will be driven by the sum total of the skills, knowledge and experience that a society possesses”, says Swaniker, who want to take our current moment to think about what the continent can do differently.

In this conversation — in partnership with Invest Africa — we discuss the need for:

  • A new urgency for investment in broadband internet infrastructure
  • The case for open borders
  • The opportunities e-commerce is creating to connect African producers to markets in East and West, and how to train up the next generation to seize them.

For more on the African Leadership academy click here.

For more on Invest Africa’s webinar series, click here.


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