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Ethiopia – Egypt: Tension spikes despite Renaissance Dam talks

By Nicholas Norbrook, Patrick Smith
Posted on Saturday, 23 May 2020 09:58

Despite years of on-off talks, Ethiopia and Egypt are still unreconciled over the filling of the Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam.

The giant hydroelectric project is the centrepiece of a decade of Ethiopian industrial policy as seen from Addis Ababa, and a unique threat to Egypt’s water supply as seen from Cairo.

William Davison of the ICG talks to Patrick Smith about:

  • the critical next few weeks in the tough diplomatic sparring match between Ethiopia and Egypt, with partners in US and China all engaged;
  • the role of the region, especially Sudan;
  • and the impact of the negotiations on the domestic political calculus in Ethiopia as it heads towards elections later this year.

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For the latest International Crisis Group on the dam, click here.


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