Egypt: Nakhla, CEO of 2023’s first African unicorn MNT-Halan, just getting warmed up

By Sherif Tarek

Posted on Wednesday, 1 March 2023 11:20
MNT-Halan CEO and co-founder Mounir Nakhla. (Photo: Supplied)

MNT-Halan CEO and co-founder Mounir Nakhla took the first step towards building a financial ecosystem over 12 years ago. After the company became Africa’s first unicorn this year and Egypt’s first-ever private tech firm to break above $1bn, he’s anything but complacent, gearing up to realise further ambitions, including tapping a new market on the continent.

“I think we’re still very, very early on in our journey,” Nakhla told The Africa Report in mid-February, a fortnight after the announcement of Chimera Abu Dhabi’s $200m acquisition of a 22% stake in MNT-Halan, which offers multiple financial solutions.