Mali’s gold industry is looking for a second wind

By Maher Hajbi

Posted on Tuesday, 7 March 2023 09:38
An artisanal gold miner takes a rest at a small-scale gold mine in Kalana August 26, 2012. Nearly 10,000 annual tourists visited Djenne, a UNESCO World Heritage-listed town, in previous years. Since Mali's coup d'etat in late March, after which Islamist rebels took control of the country's northern two-thirds, less than 20 tourists have come to Djenne, according to the local tourism board. Picture taken August 26, 2012. REUTERS

After a slight rebound in 2022, gold production, the driving force behind Mali's exports, will stall in 2023 according to government forecasts.

Gold production in Mali, which is facing major security and economic challenges, is like a rollercoaster ride.