Ghana: African forces regroup at US-led Flintlock exercise to fight Jihadists

By Kent Mensah

Posted on Friday, 17 March 2023 14:50
Flintlock training on March 2023 (photo: Kent Mensah)

African armies have completed a two-week intensive exercise in counterterrorism led by the US, part of a plan to thwart Islamic State and al-Qaeda fighters who carry out hundreds of attacks in and around the Sahel, stoking insecurity in the region.

Ghana and Côte d’Ivoire co-hosted the annual exercise known as Flintlock – the US Africa Command’s premiere and largest special operations forces exercise in Africa – attracting over 1,300 participants from 30 countries.

In the last two years, Mali and Burkina Faso have been the scene of military coups d’état occurring as they struggle to contain hardline Islamist insurgencies. Countries, including Ghana, are now at risk as attacks have rapidly spread towards coastal states.