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Nigeria: Peter Mbah, the oil mogul who will ‘bring water to Enugu homes in 180 days’

By Ben Ezeamalu

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Posted on May 2, 2023 13:28

 © Peter Mbah (photo: @DanNwomeh)
Peter Mbah (photo: @DanNwomeh)

Peter Mbah crept into the consciousness of the Enugu people when Governor Chimaroke Nnamani appointed him his chief of staff in 2003. Some 20 years later, he is set to return to Lion Building as the elected governor.

In mid-2003, Governor Chimaroke Nnamani ran into a young man who had returned from abroad to run for local government chairman in Enugu. It was their first meeting and Nnamani, who had just begun his second term as governor, had only heard of Peter Mbah’s popularity in his community.

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