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Cameroon: Who’s who in Nabil Mbombo Royal Court?

By Clarisse Juompan-Yakam

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Posted on May 8, 2023 08:39

 © Image by JA
Image by JA

The 20th sultan of one of Western Cameroon’s oldest and most influential dynasties has surrounded himself with not just his father’s former followers, but also members of his maternal family. Who are those who whisper into the ear of the young sultan?


On 10 October 2021, the successor to Sultan Ibrahim Mbombo Njoya caused a sensation with an enthronement speech that was well-received by the population. Mouhammad-Nabil Mforifoum Mbombo Njoya announced the entry of the kingdom into the “age of youth” and called for the gathering of all Bamums, boosting his popularity.

Nearly 20 months later, this wave of sympathy has not ebbed, with the same crowds present from the first days of his reign accompanying him on each of his trips.

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