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Top 20 Future Champions of African Tech

By Antonin Gouze

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Posted on May 15, 2023 11:10

Focusing on the supply of medicines to pharmacies or hospitals, our future champions of e-health have an ambition to make a difference

This is part 6 of a 9-part series

Pharmacy Marts (Egypt)

Streamlining the drug supply chain 

The Egyptian pharmaceutical market is the fastest growing in Africa and accounts for 20% of the sector’s sales on the continent. However, the supply chain for pharmacies remains weak. This is what promptedAhmed Kadous to create Pharmacy Marts in 2021.

The start-up is the first digital platform in Egypt to connect pharmacies and suppliers. It allows pharmacies to compare prices between several suppliers in order to secure stock at the lowest cost.

The company also allows pharmacies short on funds to obtain products and only pay for them once they have been sold. With a $1m fundraising round in 2022, the company’s growth has accelerated. It says it has 17 million customers, and investment funds such as Oui Capital and Camel Ventures are supporting it.

Datapathology (Morocco)

A remedy for medical

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