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Nigeria: Can this suspended priest deliver Benue State from bloodshed? 

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Nigeria’s new Governors

By Eniola Akinkuotu

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Posted on May 29, 2023 08:58

With the inauguration of 18 new governors in Nigeria, we look at the profile of incoming state executives. Today, we delve into the profile of Hyacinth Iormem Alia, a Roman Catholic priest who will be the next Governor of Benue, the state with the highest number of displaced persons. 

Thousands from far and wide swarmed the IBB Square in Benue State to witness firsthand the healing powers of firebrand Catholic Priest, Hyacinth Alia. As the crowds pressed against each other, crowd control became more difficult.

After several warnings for the congregation to move back from the altar had gone ignored, Father Alia whipped some of the congregants so they could step back. 

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