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Ruto wants ‘fair conversation’ over climate finance for Africa

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By Jaysim Hanspal, Nicholas Norbrook

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Posted on June 20, 2023 09:11

William Ruto has won the presidency, but has not stopped hitting the road.
William Ruto has won the presidency, but has not stopped hitting the road. Luis Tato/AFP

Kenya is proving to be a strong African voice for the US-backed coalition against Russia’s invasion of Ukraine and has devoted resources to regional security. In return, President Ruto wants the West to back his grand bargain: climate finance for Africa.

After his inauguration on 13 September, Kenya’s President William Ruto had a decision to make: Should he double down on Kenya’s resolve to back Ukraine in its war against the Russian invasion, or choose a more nuanced path like many of his African peers, who did not like being pushed to choose between Moscow or the US-backed alliance supporting Kiev?

In the end, Ruto has remained a constant supporter of the international rules-based order. “Any violation of the UN Charter is a threat – today it is Russia and Ukraine, you never know who it may be tomorrow,” Ruto tells The Africa Report. “A threat to peace anywhere is a threat to peace everywhere.”

Martin Kimani, Kenya’s Ambassador to the UN, who kickstarted a new direction in Kenya’s foreign policy, says: “Kenya, and almost every African country, was birthed by the ending of empire.” Kimani equates Russia’s disregard for Ukraine’s

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